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Positive Tails Dog Training


  • Is your dog driving you crazy?
  • Do you struggle with getting your dog to listen and pay attention to you, especially when there are distractions?
  • Do you wish your dog would stop doing some of the things that you don't like, such as; jumping up on people, chewing, barking, pulling the leash, or not paying attention?
  • Has your dog's behavior ever embarrassed, frustrated, or angered you?
  • Have you tried other trainers or training programs that did not reach your goals?

Imagine ...

  • ...a dog who is a joy to be around
  • ...a dog who doesn't jump, bark like crazy, or pull the leash
  • ...a dog who listens to you and quickly and happily responds to all of your commands
  • ...a dog who is safe and in control at all times...even without a leash, around distractions, and even without a treat!

We can help!
We can train any dog.
Yes, even your dog!

Contact us right now to find out how we can help you start a new life with your dog. You have nothing to lose but your dog's behavioral problems!